Healthy ForeverTM Akaaba : Keep your joints healthy

Even people who are in good physical condition can suffer joint pain, and many adults wind up with osteoarthritis. Often, these people use over-the-counter or prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. But there is an alternative, Healthy ForeverTM Akaaba.

Healthy ForeverTM Akaaba support joint functionality and movement, as well as reduce discomfort and pain linked to arthritis or other injuries. It also prevent the degradation of connective tissue seen in inflammatory conditions. Healthy ForeverTM Akaaba helps your body in maintaining appropriate levels of MMP (matrix metalloproteinase)‚ which is involved in the structural composition of connective tissues.

Healthy ForeverTM Akaaba contains a phytochemical, called akba, which is a terpene. This acid possess anti-inflammatory properties, which is used as anti-arthritic.

Akba can prevent the formation of leukotrienes in the body. Leukotrienes have been identified as a cause of inflammation and may trigger asthma symptoms. Akba(Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid) inhibit 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO), an enzyme that produces leukotriene.