Healthy ForeverTM INOlides

INOlides, is unique for its benefits for the immune system, antioxidant support and neurotransmitters regulation for stress. It’s most compelling use is as an “adaptogenic supplement” because it assist the body ‘adapt’ to the negative effects of chronic STRESS by increasing energy, immunity and stamina.

The biochemical constituent of INOlides consist of a compound known as withanolides, which account for its extraordinary medicinal properties. Healthy ForeverTM INOlides is standardized to 5% withanolides. The withanolides serve as an important hormone precursors that can convert into human physiologic hormones as needed, thus INOlides promotes Stress-Relief & General Well-being.

Our manufacturing process is carefully managed from harvest to formulation using state of the art technology to guarantee highest quality of dietary supplements like INOlides.

Health Benefits of Healthy ForeverTM INOlides

  • Reduce stress and helps improve endurance
  • Fight depression and mood swings
  • Act as an antioxidant
  • Supports immune function
  • Support homeostasis (hormonal balance in the body)

Use of natural products provides progressive & long - lasting results. Allow several weeks for full benefits.

Available Size : 60 Counts


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