What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 - Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally-occurring compound found in every cell in the body. CoQ10 is also known as the fat soluble substance that is present in our body. It is also responsible for creating useful energy for cells. It produces a substance, called ATP, which takes part in energizing the human heart and body. Almost 95% of the energy in the human body is generated during the process of aerobic cellular respiration which generates an ATP substance; which is a form of energy. In short, it is one of the primary and necessary substances in the human body that is required to dissolve fat and produces vital energy for the heart, kidneys and liver; these are the organs that require a high-level of energy and hence the large concentrations of CoQ10 are also present in these organs.

How to get CoQ10 for the human body?

CoQ10 is obtained in two different ways…

Natural Way: Oily fish and organ meat we eat contains 4 – 6 mg of CoQ10. It is the basic requirement of the human body. As it is insoluble in water, therefore it is not excreted out from the human body and it is consumed by the body itself and used as energy. Therefore, it is necessary and important that one must keep the amount of CoQ10 balanced in the body. Lack of CoQ10 can cause serious health issues and life-threatening diseases.

In the form of Supplements: Today CoQ10 is available in the form of natural supplements. These are equally beneficial for the human body. However, it is always recommended that one should take these supplements not more than the recommended quantity which is usually between 30 – 200 mg per day for adults. These supplements are very helpful for a person who lacks the required quantity of CoQ10 in the body or just wants to boost their cardiovascular strength along with many other benefits. These supplements are widely available in the market and are getting popular with every passing day. These supplements are of vital importance and should be taken on a regular basis.

When the body gets older it usually does not produce as much CoQ10 which can lead to health complications, especially in the heart. It is important that one should keep the levels of CoQ10 maintained in the body to live a happy healthy life. It has also been noted that CoQ10 not only provides energy to the heart, but also strengthens it as well. The heart is the organ that works 24 hours for the entire duration of ones life, it never rests. If the heart is serving us this much, then it is our responsibility that we should take care of it.

Benefits of CoQ10

The list of CoQ10 benefits is many. The benefits of CoQ10 include:

  • Heart health
  • Decrease in migraine headaches
  • Cancer support
  • Cardiac arrest support
  • Blood pressure support
  • Decrease in periodontal disease
  • Increased lifespan
  • Parkinson’s disease support

The heart is the organ that requires the most maintenance. It is the organ that serves the human body all the time throughout the life. It has been noticed that one of the major CoQ10 benefits is that it not only produces a rich amount of energy for the heart, but also strengthen the muscles of the heart. It is one of the top things that are required to keep the heart in good health. CoQ10 can help people who suffer from low to intense level of migraine headaches. CoQ10 not only gives relief from the migraine, but also helps in the cure of migraine headaches. Today, cancer patients are treated with CoQ10 and also the people who are suffering from the side-effects of cancer can take CoQ10 in order get relief from the disease. It has been noticed that people who take CoQ10 on a regular basis have lower risk from suffering from cardiac arrest. CoQ10 benefits also help people who are suffering from hypertension. CoQ10 helps in maintain the blood pressure of the body. Life span of humans may be increased by taking the sufficient quantities of CoQ10.