Healthy ForeverTM CoQ10

CoQ10 (CoQ10) is a vital catalyst in the provision of energy for all the body’s cells. It is a redox component in the respiratory chain.

At least ten types of coenzyme Q have been recognized and accordingly designated coenzyme Q0 to CoQ10. The variety of coenzyme Q identified in human tissue is CoQ10. It is a vitamin-like substance found in all cells of the body. Concentrated deposits of this essential biochemical are to be found in the in heart muscle, nervous tissue and blood.

The identification of the involvement of CoQ10 in such a wide diversity of cells is indicative firstly of its importance and secondly of the two major roles in which it is involved: as an essential biochemical link in the formation of energy and as an antioxidant.

CoQ10 functions essentially in the transfer of oxygen and energy between the blood and body cells and between components of those cells (i.e. mitochondria). The cell is unable to function effectively without CoQ10 and when it is deficient the work rate of the cells is adversely affected.

Nutritional Benefits:
  • CoQ10 and vitamin E offer antioxidant protection against free radicals, the molecules that contribute to ill health and the ageing process.
  • CoQ10 is involved in energy production at cell level. Cells are unable to function effectively without CoQ10.
  • Natural production of CoQ10 declines with age so supplementing the diet can help maintain adequate levels.
  • Very physically active people, like athletes, have a higher requirement for CoQ10 due to their increased metabolic rate, therefore a regular intake can be very helpful.
How Healthy ForeverTM CoQ10 works to support heart health

CoQ10 has the potential to counteract the effects of aging, helps repair free-radical damage, protects the skin from sun damage and potentially limits the saggy skin of old age due to the destruction of collagen. COQ10 is also found to increase energy, sex drive, and combat disease. This versatile supplement should be in everyone's health care regimen and is one of the most unknown and over-looked aspects of a well rounded supplemental program. Wouldn't the heart be one of the first organs we would want to keep at optimal levels?

Cells that make up high-energy organs like the heart require more Co-enzyme Q10 than cells in less hardworking parts of the body. The heart muscle has the most mitochondria of any muscle in the body and should have the highest level of COQ10.

Co-enzyme Q10 helps cells manufacture energy needed by the heart to pump harder and improve the circulation of the blood. The antioxidant compounds in Co-enzyme Q10 prevent free radicals from corroding LDL cholesterol, so LDL doesn't adhere to artery walls. CoQ10 also provides protection for the inner lining of the arteries by inhibiting LDL oxidation and increasing good cholesterol levels.

Co-enzyme Q10 is essential for counteracting the negative effects of prescription drugs, specifically statin drugs used to reduce cholesterol. These cholesterol-lowering drugs have been shown to block the natural synthesis of COQ10 in the body.

Use of natural products provides progressive & long - lasting results. Allow several weeks for full benefits.

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