What is Morinda Citrifolia?

Morinda Citrifolia plant is a small evergreen tree found in the open coastal regions at sea level, as well as in forested areas up to 1,300 feet. The fruit is approximately the same size as a potato; yellow, but changes to white when ripe. It has a bitter taste, and it doesn’t smell very good.

It is a member of the Mulberry family and is also sometimes called ‘Indian Mulberry’.

Health Benefits of Healthy ForeverTM Morinda Concentrate

  • Better sleep
  • An overall improved feeling of wellbeing
  • More regular bowel motions
  • Better digestion and elimination functions
  • A lot more energy
  • Rapid recovery from injury or illness
  • Better skin tone
  • Better memory and clarity of thought
  • Increased productivity both at work and at home
  • Increased libido ( Sex life )
  • A great feeling of being normal again
  • All round increased tolerance, enthusiasm, coping and prioritizing

Recommended Dosages: Take 5 ml. to 10 ml. daily, with water early in the morning empty stomach.

Use of natural products provides progressive & long - lasting results. Allow several weeks for full benefits.

Available Size : 500 ml. MRP: Rs. 1050/-


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