Biochemical Elements of Spirulina

Protein 60-70 % by dry weight - Consisted of completed amino acids essentially for body and can be 4 times easily digested compared to protein from meat ad bean
Essential amino acids - Amino acids, which cannot be synthesized by, body
Isoleucine 4.13 % - Promote growth of body, develop brain cells, keep balance of nitrogen, synthesize other essential amino acids, prevent the deterioration of nervous system and develop IQ
Leucine 5.50 % - Activate functions of upper brain and stimulate body functions
Lysine 4.0 % - Create antibody and immunity replenish liver texture, improve cell growth and repair damage cells
Methionine 2.17 % - Help to digest fat improve health and reduce stress
Phenylalanine 3.95 % - Improve functions of thyroid gland to activate body mechanism, being hormone consisted of iodine to activate body to be healthier, better emotion and memory, improve hair growth to be stronger, and also moisturize dry skin along with reduce inflammation from sunburn
Threonine 4.17 % - Contribute function of digestive system, especially intestine for more efficient absorption
Tryptophan 1.13 % - Support body to take vitamin B, good sleep and reduce stress
Valines 6.0 % - Activate the brain capacity, combine the muscle interaction, reduce muscle pain or inflamed wound and also promote emotional relaxing
Non-essential amino acids - Amino acids, which can be synthesized by our body, such as enzyme, protein, hormone and chemical substances in brain
Alanine 5.82 % - Help to strengthen cell membrane, activate bone marrow, originate red blood cells, reduce risk of anemia, build up immune response and burn down sugar and organic acids in body
Arginine 5.98 % - Important to male sexual ability because sperm consists of 80 % arginine; moreover, help to detoxify blood in body
Cystine 0.67 % - Help to improve pancreas, reduce allergic and problem from starvation
Glutamic acid 8.94 % - One of major energy of brain cells like glucose, control alcohol level in body and brain health
Glycine 3.46 % - Help to raise energy and oxygen in body cells
Histidine 1.08 % - Improve functions of nervous system, especially the organs related to the listening ability
Proline 2.97 % - Being the precursor of glutamic acid
Serine 4.0% - Serve the capacity of brain cell membrane and protect nerve fibers
Tyrosine 4.60% - Slow down cell growth and regulate the hunger feeling in Hypothalamus gland of lower brain